BeSafe’s Intelligent Building

By providing corresponding products, BeSafe surveillance solution for intelligent buildings meets the special need of wide dynamic range scene in entrances, long and narrow scene of corridors and low illumination places.

In order to solve the transmit problem brought by long video point (more than 100 meters), BeSafe optimized fixed dome camera and box camera to transmit images to 150-200 meters without any additional device. Attributed to H.264 High-profile encoding format, the transmit stream of high-definition IPC could be reduced for 2M (720P) or 4M (1080P).

This technology greatly reduced storage space and high storage cost brought by full HD system. Moreover, low power consumption fixed dome cameras, box cameras and storage devices are applied to fully implement energy conservation and emission reduction. Plenty of solutions are provided to simplify the construction of long distance transmission- cameras with optical and internet interfaces, RRPP and EPON.

Full IP surveillance system could be expanded easily which protects users’ former investment well.

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