Channel 4U 24 HDDs Super Network Video Recorder

• Up to 512 channel IP cameras Input
• Third-party IP cameras supported
• Direct-to-iSCSI data block storage
• 24 Hot-swappable SATA HDDs up to 96TB
• 2 x 24Gbps Mini SAS Expansion up to 168 SATA HDDs
• JBOD, RAID0,1,10,5,6,50
• 2/4 RJ45 Ethernet Interfaces, 2 SFP Optical Interfaces
• Redundant power supply, fan, battery, Dual-BIOS

  • • 4U Chassis with 24 HDD slots
    • Stand-alone application, or connecting with IMOS platform
    • Video access of multiple resolution: CIF, D1, 720P, 1080P, etc.
    • Video access of third-party IPC with ONVIF conformance
    • Directory tree structure , user-friendly interface for management
    • User management based on roles, flexibly and conveniently grouping users and setting different permissions for user groups
    • Rich functionality for alarms and alarm-triggered actions
    • Direct-to-iSCSI data block storage, achieving second-level retrieval and instant playback
    • JBOD and RAID0,1,10,5,6,50;dedicated hot-spare disk and global hot-spare disk
    • HDD shot-swappable through the front panel, easy maintenance
    • Redundancy design of critical components including the power supply, fan and battery , support for hot standby and hot swap
    • Multiple Gigabyte Ethernet interfaces, available for link aggregation, load balancing and multi-IP setting, etc.
    • Innovative design of dual-BIOS for high reliability
    • Data safe box and HDD roaming, making system recovery safe and convenient
    • Disk powered on sequentially, protection from impulse current
    • Intelligent temperature control by multistage of fan speed
    • Intelligent RAID Engine, effectively improving the utilization rate of system resources
    • Patented technologies including disk error correction, disk self-repair, bad block auto-replacing, data permanent protection, seamless expansion based on LUN resources, etc.
  • NVR624-512-2


    IP Video Input

    512-ch 2Mbps

    User Management

    Maximum number of users:256

    Video Retrieval & Playback

    Video retrieval indexed by channel and time

    Playback control:

    Start, Pause, Stop, Drag, Single-frame forward, Multi-speed forward(0.25/0.5/1/2/4/8/16), Multi-speed back play(-1/-2/-4/-8/-16)

    Playback stream via UDP,TCP


    HDD Interface

    24 SATA interfaces

    HDD of System

    Up to 168 (With 6 24-HDD disk enclosures)


    Hot-swappable through the front panel




    JBOD and RAID0,1, 10,5,6,50

    Hot spare: dedicated hot-spare disk, global hot-spare disk

    Direct-to-iSCSI data block storage;

    Manual, scheduled, alarm-triggered recording

    Video resource management

    Storage controller

    Dual-core processor


    8 GB, up to 16GB

    External Interface

    Network Interface

    2 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interface

    4 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interface (Optional)

    2 10GE SFP+ (Optional)

    USB Interface

    2 USB2.0

    Serial Interface

    1 RS-232 , 3 RS-485,1 RS-232/RS-485

    Alarm I/O



    1 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface


    2 24Gbps Mini SAS (Optional)


    Power Supply

    2 Hot-swappable redundant power supplies:100V127V/200V240V AC

    (the second power Optional)


    2 Redundant hot-spare fans


    Controller enclosure <400W (fully loaded)

    Disk enclosure     <350W (fully loaded)

    Working Temperature

    0°C~40°C / 32°F ~ 104°F

    20%~80% RH (non-condensing)

    Dimensions (H×W×D)

    Controller enclosure: 481.6 × 589.0 × 175.0 mm (19.0” × 23.2” × 6.9”)

    Disk enclosure:     481.6 × 589.0 × 175.0 mm (19.0” × 23.2” × 6.9”)

    Notefor standard cabinet with 800mm depth or above


    Controller enclosure

    Without HDD<25.5kg; Fully loaded<43kg

    Disk enclosure

    Without HDD<19.5kg; Fully loaded<37kg


    2 Hot-swappable redundant batteries (Optional)

    LED Indicator

    1 set, status code for temperature and device status

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